Self Portrait

One buggered clutch and a self-portrait on, I've started on a new oil. I went to Les's class as usual on Monday but could tell that something in the clutch had changed. The gears, too, didn't seem to be sliding in the way they should. So after the class I couldn't get it to go into reverse and finally had to call out the RAC (pity the insurer I'm with uses Green Flag, isn't it!) The Self-portrait is now finished and I like it a lot better - it's quite interesting now.

Studio Time

Les has decided that he needs the space and time in his studio to prepare for his exhibitions, so isn’t going to allow me to use the studio any more. I have collected my paints and canvases, and will have to organize the attic into the other art studio – for oil painting, glass work etc. So no new work. I really need to get all that stuff I did with him into the Saatchi website, as the only thing in there is Shemyaza and the new images will go well with him. Meanwhile the Byazantine tarot is nearly ready. I have 18 more images to paint – two 6s, and the 7s, 8s, 9s, and 10s. I will miss it when it’s finished – it’ll be interesting to see what will come in next. Les thinks I ought to paint portraits, but I can’t see myself doing that for any length of time.! The ‘Cherish’ image I mentioned last time needs finishing and a decent photo taken of it … everything is waiting on the tarot now.