Completed Birds and Eurydice

I could have sworn I'd uploaded my finished artworks, of Old Ghosts (which is what Old Deaths is called now), plus the completed Birds and Eurydice, but it all seems to have disappeared into cyberspace. How weird is that? So there are quite a few images to be loaded - the painting I like best is Les Birds. Then there's Eurydice, which worked out well though poor old Orpheus seems to have disappeared into the background.

Self Portrait

One buggered clutch and a self-portrait on, I've started on a new oil. I went to Les's class as usual on Monday but could tell that something in the clutch had changed. The gears, too, didn't seem to be sliding in the way they should. So after the class I couldn't get it to go into reverse and finally had to call out the RAC (pity the insurer I'm with uses Green Flag, isn't it!) The Self-portrait is now finished and I like it a lot better - it's quite interesting now.